Amber Press

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Lithium Disilicate Press Ingots

(r10 contains 5 ingots per pack/ r20 contains 3 ingots per pack)

<460 MPa

After pressing, virtually no reaction layer remains on Amber Press® making the lab more efficient and less hazardous without having the use of an acid bath.

Amber Press helps to create highly esthetic and natural looking dental restorations which provides patients with the confidence to smile beautifully.

Due to the structure of this material, Amber Press blocks any discoloring and prevents any drop in value, even after multiple firings. 

Amber Press Ingots are compatible with various veneering materials such as:

-E.Max Ceram

-Creation Zi-F

-Initial LiSi (GC)

-Vintage LD Porcelain

-Initial Zr-FS (GC)

Available in HT/LT/MO